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A.C.T diagnostics is a Ghanaian medical diagnostics company that provides anatomical pathology services. It is our belief that the best outcomes for the patient are obtained when anatomic pathology clinical practice is done in close collaboration with other clinical disciplines of medicine. In that regard A.C.T maintains a close relationship with all non-pathology clinicians who use our service. We are available to enrich the diagnostic experience and knowledge of non-pathology clinicians. Anatomic pathology as a discipline of laboratory medicine is divided into many branches, the commonest of which are;



Private autopsy services

Molecular pathology and Immunohistochemistry (This service is under the control of pathologists without borders)

These various branches form the basis of the sub-specialties of Anatomic pathology such as dermatopathology, gynecological pathology, pediatric pathology and many other sub-specialties that are mostly organ system based. Among other things, A.C.T has special interest in gynecologic pathology, breast pathology and gastrointestinal pathology. This is because we believe in building capacity in the areas where our highest burden of disease is. However, due to the unique location of our practice, we have expertise in general surgical pathology and have support from our sister laboratory, Pathologists Without Borders in Accra to carry out immunohistochemistry (IHC) for all cases that require it.

It is recommended that all tissues removed from patients are taken to the pathology laboratory for microscopic examination. This ensures that a diagnosis is made on the excised tissue and the patient told what was removed from his or her body. It ensures that cancers are diagnosed and dealt with promptly, before they spread to other sites within the body. By examining cancer tissues under the microscope, pathologists can tell which cancers grow fast, so that patients with such cancers can be treated aggressively from the outset to ensure that they have better outcomes.

In recent times, there is also the need to treat patients as individuals since different patients respond to different medications especially when the issue is cancer. In this regard tissues taken from patients with cancer are tested in the pathology laboratory for response to specific target drugs prior to treatment. The most common indication for such testing nowadays is breast cancer. This also form a large part of the cases received at A.C.T.

A.C.T is a pathology laboratory that brings these services to patients in remote areas and makes its wide network available to support patients in these areas where hitherto, pathology services were only a dream. We believe that were there is a will there is a way and location alone should not be a reason why patients in our villages are denied optimal care.



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